Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey! I was going to post my walk cycle on here (like Frank suggested), but I saw some other peoples' and didn't think mine was cool enough...

So now I will distract you all with Porg! He is a genetically-modified piece of pork. He wears fishnet stockings and a hat.. Just don't ask him about his random transvestitism, or he'll cut you.

Also, if you wanna see him on a t-shirt, click here:


  1. Hey there Corey.

    Gota be willing to get your work out there mate.

    If there is bad news to be had, best to embrace it, get it over with, learn from it and move forward. Who knows, posting that walk may have lead to a comment or advice thatwas the key to your whole future as an animator.

    Your a first year animation student, we are not expecting a masterpiece...... yet ;)

    Oportunities for feadback a precious, try looking for them instead of avoiding them and you will be a better artist and person for it.

  2. WOO! PORG! Pork made from awesome.

    But yeh, dude your walk cycle rocks. Post it up for all to see! You thought your lip sync was awful yet it had the best reaction form our class - you even got a encore!

    So stop being your own worst critic and give us a go (e.i. stop mentally beating the shit out of yourself)

    chin up chum

  3. Frank want see walk cycle animation.