Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here's my background idea for my reaction animation.. At first it was going to be an evil scientist watching over my rat character... but i thought that was too much of a cliche, so now he's some sorta hippie wizard fiend!


  1. lol hippie wizard fiend =) man i love your copix work =) going to havto save up and get me some, and really do it this time, not just say i will haha =) looking good =D

  2. Truthfully? The hippie wizard freak scares me more o___O. HEHE, my favorite part though has to be the 'happy rodents cosmetics lad' sign.
    I have this brilliant mental image of some botoxed woman with a bloated face an protruding whiskers emerging after using her rodent blush or something. mwahahaha

    Your awesome corey :D