Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop-mo Links

I'm currently in the throes of applying for work experience at Anifex, the company that does the Schmackos ad and heaps of cool short films. Special thanks to Will's insane ability to find obscure animation companies on the net!

On their site I found some websites that look pretty good:

Stop Motion Magazine: www.stopmotionmagazine.com

Stop Motion Works: www.stopmotionworks.com

Stop Motion Animation: www.stopmotionanimation.com

Animate Clay: www.animateclay.com

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  1. Hi Corey. You should have a face-to-face chat with Jason Lynch (stop mo animator teaching the multimedia students). At a recent talk he presented Jason talked about people he knew associated with Anifex and the stop mo industry around Australia. Check with the admin ladies on level 5 to see when Jason is teaching and see, if you can make an appointment with him to gather some info on who to speak to personally about work experience.