Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Progress Eel

Here's my reel of progress. I'm nearly up to the "Ape Baby" run. There are a couple extra eaps that aren't in this reel.

Can't wait to get the copic colouring done! :)


  1. The pigeon escaping and the baby's monster walk chasing the bird is treasure! Magnifico!

  2. Bounce that pigeon! Nice work :)

  3. HI Corey. I dropped by as promised. :)

    My top 3 favorite parts of your PR thus far:

    1. That dopey pigeon blink is GOLD. Pure delicious gold. I go back to watch that again and again.

    2. The baby's teeth are a point of envy. Next time I go to the dentist I'll need a reference picture of them to show the dentist what I want to be achieving with my dental hygiene. Love them.

    #. the timing and spacing on the scene when the pigeon jumps back and darts it's tongue out simultaneously. Awesome.

    I had a look through to see if i could spot any animation that needed real attention in the timing, because that seemed to be what you we're worried about the other day.

    To me, your timing and spacing are uniquely your own in feel and style, and you make it work. I love it. The pigeon as aforementioned is gold. The walk cycles are drool worthy. Really apparent characters coming through.

    The only thing that stood out as maybe needing a go over is the babys stomp. But I think that you were still working on that the other day and is a work in progress.

    Overall: your a legend. Your animation is appealing, engaging and makes you wish for more.

  4. Fantastic crit by Sarah Loud!

    Well deserved commentary for the effort being put in.