Friday, September 17, 2010

Second Last Scene

This might need some explaining - it's the part when the baby is flying towards the pigeon.

I'm a bit sceptical about my spacing ability, so please critique :)


  1. The baby's arc, as he flies into the scene, needs to be higher to hit higher on the tree. That will match better with the cut on action.

    The baby needs to start to fall backward after he slides down the tree trunk, or when he gets to the base of the slide, to lead us into him lying on his back.

    I think the pigeon's mix of surprise and sinister expression could be made even more clear to show what it is thinking - that it is not actually a scared pigeon but actually an evil scheming pigeon? Maybe a dramatic eyebrow lift? Google images of the actor Vincent Price for reference.

    The layouts look great.

  2. Hey Corey,

    I like this piece of animation it looks awesome! I think Frank's very correct with the Arcs and position for the baby flying past and for his movement etc. I think the important element for this is also the editing. I have special editing power ranger powers that allow me to see these kinda things, and I think it's the point from when the Baby hits the tree to when it goes to the close up of the baby laying there, that the editing piece cuts incorrectly, I think the baby should hit the tree and have some settle back as there's an overshoot to the tree though we don't get to see a settle back when hitting the tree and I think this may be "unsettling" to the viewer, so I think for timing, and for the movement of the animation, it needs to cut to the close up once the baby has hit the tree and begun to fall off the tree or something etc. I also have seen some of the other animations that you have completed for this and they look good!