Monday, December 13, 2010

If anyone is at all interested - Foetal Jim and Friends!

These guys aren't finished or animatable yet.. but when they are I'll be taking them down to my garage to set up... my tiny two bedroom flat is full of clay and plasticine, making it difficult for us to live in heh!

Incidentally, if anyone has an old table they'd like to get rid of, please let me know.

Cedric the Spacepig hasn't got his proper body yet.


  1. So much creative energy! I hope everyone is wearing their asbestos safety underpants. For that table go to the Brisbane City Council website and see where (which suburbs) the next bulk rubbish collection is scheduled for - then you can pick one up on the verge for free.

  2. Cool - thanks Frank!

    Also, I'm trying to get a hold of some old computer motherboards that I can smash up and use..

  3. Corey, this rocks! It is all looking well thought out conceptually AND intriguing as the characters are already telling part of the story in their look and design. Love that evil looking gloss on the foetal character!