Sunday, June 13, 2010

Linetest with in-betweens

I whipped this up today. If anyone out there has the time, please let me know how I can improve it. I need some feedback before I ink and colour it.

Also, I'm trying to get a jolty look to his head, which is why he turns so quickly... hopefully it worked.


  1. I really like it! I love the way you draw birds.

    I actually didn't really notice the head turn at first until I read what you wrote. I think you should make the beginning turn just a couple of frames longer. Just to really see it.

    I love the head slap!

    At the end when his head shrinks in, it looks a bit off. I think his neck shrinks back just a bit too quick as well.

    Also, he seems to have fallen a bit crooked in the last frame. He stands straight at the beginning but at the end he seems to be floating a bit, not lying on the ground.

    It's really nice! Hope I helped a bit =)

  2. Hey Corey. There are a few things. I think the 'smear' frame is too big. To sell a hard head hit the spacing should be closer at the top of the arc. A big anticipation and a big overlap are needed. In this case the overlap is stopped by the ground, so you'll have to bounce the pigeon's body in the air longer.
    Upload to Vimeo, so I can download a vido file to draw on top of to show you visually.