Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pigeosity - EAPS

Project for Frank.


  1. HAHAHA i love his attempt to fly.
    Corey i am cratquing this for frank. dont be alarmed... lol

    So the principle im doing is anticipation.

    You can see you really used it for the first part where he swings his head back before hitting the ground. Though you probably could have used a bit more for his jump. He seems to kind of step into the air rather than leap.

    Great sound effects too Corey :D

    Love it!

  2. nice one!! :)

    good use of strech and squash! his poses look really good aswell. I can see his inner peigon trying to escape hehe. Also the fall looks believable with the overlaping action.

    Apart from his sliding feat i think you completly sold this action.

    keep it up :)

  3. Good critiquing Jess and Jack.

    I think it is bold and savvy to animate a humanoid rig as something that is, in the first place not human, and secondly an exaggeration of something we recognise as a pigeon. By choosing this EAPS, Corey has set his animation creativity free.

  4. Hi Corey,
    Really humourous, and really difficult to do and it looks great!The sound sits well with the images. Yes, getting the parts that should be staying still, as was said above, will really anchor the animation and not distract the viewer. You guessed it, this is an assessment post, so thanks for letting me post!
    You seem to have the essential no fear and perseverance factor that tackling Maya needs, and judging by this it'll be really great to see your next EAPS!

  5. dude, i love those sfxs! :D why is it that when im watching max trying to fly, im reminded of that french porn-o with the lumber jack and a big log....

    i digress! I love your posing here, its funny, exaggerated and imaginative. I can read what the character is doing here, animation of both the face and hands/feet explain to me just how max feels about things in his life right now...

    I think the initial anticipation with the head-butt (oxymoron) is great but perhaps a tad too slow/too many frames for the downswing, it doesn't smack ME in the face like it should.

    I think a couple of tweaks in the flying/hover/attempt to sprout wings are a little floaty, no real gravity simulated (or stimulated) here. I think the EAP would benefit greatly by adding some little inflictions of struggle and gravity along with the appeal of asymmetrical movement to reinforce his Newtonian plight (these words come out the keyboard/my brain yet i know i haven't don't this for my EAP.... im such a hypocrite).

    I really like this clip Corey and i cant wait to see what you do next. You know we freaking love your stuff man! :D

  6. Michelle and Bobbi. Thanks for critiquing Corey's work. Your critiques have been noted for assessment and I hope Corey applies/tests some of your observations.

  7. Bobbi, you touched on enlightenment. One reason to critique is to reflect on your own work. So you should take the Newtonian plight and struggle with it!