Thursday, July 15, 2010

Better blink and other Cosmic McVentures

Here's my pigeon...again. Thanks for the tip, Frank! I think I'm going insane just from drawing this stupid pigeon every... single... day..

I see pigeons whenever I close my eyes... PIGEONS!

Can't wait till I get to animate the other character in my narrative.


  1. Awesome blink and eyelids Corey! It's bloody enjoyable to see the results of your focus the other day! The nice delay in each blink, it not being simultaneous, is very funny. one of those moments in an animation that make it really memorable. Sorry I swore :D

  2. Heres another Corey, I have a feeling you'll be flooded. But eh, it's a good thing.

    I love this blink, it's just so perfect and gets the character dead on in such little action. You can tell he's a little daft and has some trouble with his brain-meat; but at the same time he's a little innocent and sweet too; it an't his fault he looks so... well you know.

    It would be awesome if after this blink you have like a super close up of his eyes and they are either really scared/icky looking or somthing a little werid and creepy.

    I wish I could penicl line test like this, but I get all muddled with how many frames I have/need

    Keep up the good work!

  3. instant love <3 i wish i had a pigeon with dopey eyes like that :D