Friday, July 23, 2010

Bugs Bunny Linetest - Virgil Ross

Awesome linetest by Virgil Ross. Check out Pencil Test Depot's blog... they have some insane stuff.

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  1. Another good find. Thanks for posting Corey.

    I was learning some traditional 2D techniques this morning in animation class (I have to study on Sundays due to my work during the week).

    I think these line tests are actually "tied down" tests. It's a few steps after the ruff line tests used to solve the animation.

    Possibly this is not true for animation gurus who have animated thousads of kilometre's of pencil lines on pet characters and know them better than themselves.

    Usually the early line tests, for animation students, should be much simpler shapes without the added on bits like hair, floppy ears, clothes etc. Once the main body mass and head movement animation is solved, then add the bits that will be influenced by drag and overlap. That method produces good results until you become a guru.